Code of Conduct 

At SODA, our team are all equally responsible for controlling the energy in the room. As employers, we shall do our upmost to provide adequate training in order for the team to become masters of their craft. 

We place a high degree of trust in our team and this trust should be upheld at all times. 

We expect our team to:

Treat each other as they would wish to be treated themselves, with the highest regard and respect. 

Regardless of whether they are on duty or not, to behave with the reputation of SODA in mind. Our team are always representative of SODA

To exercise a zero tolerance policy towards all forms of abuse, including verbal, physical and emotional. If you suspect or witness any forms of abuse, you are required to report it immediately to Imie. Failure to report an incident is tantamount to participation. 

Always act with fairness, honesty, integrity and openness; respect the opinions of others and

treat all with equality and dignity without regard to gender, race, colour, creed, ancestry, place of origin, political beliefs, religion, marital status, disability, age, or sexual orientation.

Provide a positive and valued experience for those receiving hospitality within and outside SODA

To respect the value of the stock and supplies used at SODA

Take responsibility for your actions and decisions. Follow reporting lines to facilitate the effective resolution of problems

To leave your baggage at the door. Any ailments and/or hangovers, self inflicted or otherwise which affect your performance will not be tolerated. Management will make a judgement call on appearance, hygiene and related performance.


Our responsibilities extend beyond not revealing confidential SODA material – we must also:

•properly secure, label and (when appropriate) dispose of confidential SODA material;

•safeguard confidential information that SODA receives from others under non‑disclosure agreements; and

•take steps to keep our trade secrets and other confidential intellectual property secret.

Respect and maintain the confidentiality of information gained as a team member, including, but not limited to, all computer software and files, documents and printouts, and all training, recipes and stocks.


Drugs and Alcohol

Our position on substance abuse is simple: It is incompatible with the health and safety of our employees, and we don’t permit it. Consumption of alcohol is not banned at our venues unless otherwise decreed, but use good judgment and never drink in a way that leads to impaired performance or inappropriate behaviour, endangers the safety of others or violates the law. Illegal drugs in our offices or at sponsored events are strictly prohibited. If a manager has reasonable suspicion to believe that an employee’s use of drugs and/or alcohol may adversely affect the employee’s job performance or the safety of the employee or others in the workplace, the manager may request an alcohol and/or drug screening and/or make a judgement call to arrest the behaviour. A reasonable suspicion may be based on objective symptoms such as the employee’s appearance, behaviour or speech.


Should you wish to smoke, you may do so only when your guests are completely looked after. You must seek cover to do so. Smoking is not permitted outside the front of the building. If you smoke, it is your responsibility to ensure you do not return from your break evidently smelling of smoke. 


We prohibit any retaliation against any team member who reports or participates in an investigation of a possible violation of our Code. If you believe you are being retaliated against, please contact Nate or Imie.

Obey the Law

SODA and affiliate companies take their responsibility of lawful obedience in the highest regard. This includes and is not limited to prohibiting the illegal provisions of alcohol to underage or inebriated persons. We expect our team members to exercise cautious and mature judgement, and to abide by Challenge 25 recommendations.